reachmedvents@hotmail.com with cc to abstracts@cdi.org.in
No Phone calls will be entertained regarding acceptance of any abstracts; the scientific Committees decision will be final



1. LANGUAGE: Abstract must be typed and presented in English
2. FONT: Use font type Times New Roman, Font Size 10
3. WORD LIMIT: The abstract must be written within 250 words - excluding title, and the names of the author (s) and their institutions
4. CONTENT: The submitted abstracts must contain the following:
• Objectives: State the main objective of the study
• Materials and methods: Briefly describe the design of the study and how it was conducted
• Results: Present the main results with appropriate statistics
• Conclusion: Limit the conclusions to those that are directly supported by the results.
5. TITLE: The title of the abstract must be typed in CAPITAL LETTERS with the exception of scientific names, which should be in upper and lower case forms and italicized.
• The presenting author’s name must be underlined.
• The presenting author’s name, institution, address, telephone and email address must be provided.
• Presenting authors must be registered for the conference. Only Registered delegates will be allowed to present.
7. RIGHTS TO PUBLISH: In submitting the abstracts the authors also grant the organizing committee the right to publish the abstract in the proceedings both in hard and electronic form
8. DEADLINE: All abstract must be received by 20th February, 2019.
9. ACCEPTANCE: Presenting author shall be notified of the status of the abstract after being reviewed by the committee, by email. Authors selected for oral & poster presentation will be informed by 24th Feb 2019. Communication in this regard will be made through email only. Hence including email address along with abstract is mandatory.
10. REGISTRATION: Registration for conference is a must for presenting author for abstract submission.

Your abstract will be scored on the following criteria:
• Scientific merit of the abstract.
• Adequate sample size and proper statistical analysis.
• Adherence to instructions, and
• Originality of work

You should prepare your presentation for 8 minutes, followed by 2 minutes of discussion.
Instructions for Poster Presentation:
Each poster should be 90 cm wide x 120 cm high, mounted vertically.

You can attach your poster with drawing pins or with magic tape to the assigned poster board which will be marked with your poster number.

Presenters for floor presentation can also put a poster of their research work at a designated space. The poster number will be same as floor presentation number.

All posters must be mounted and removed by the author during an allocated time period on a particular date.

Authors may provide hand out material relating to their poster.

Posters shall be made only of soft flex material.

Name of the first author has to be at the lower right corner with a font size not more than 48.

All the accepted posters will be allotted a number and the same number should appear on the Instructions.

Posters will be gathered, numbered and listed according to the Scientific Committee’s Instructions.